2020 Publications



1. 1H spin-lattice NMR relaxation in the presence of residual dipolar interactions - Dipolar relaxation enhancement
Kruk D., Rochowski P., Florek-Wojciechowska M., Sebastiao P.J., Lurie D.J., Broche L.M.
(2020) Journal of Magnetic Resonance 


2. Towards applying NMR relaxometry as a diagnostic tool for bone and soft tissue sarcomas: a pilot study
Masiewicz E., Ashcroft G.P., Bodie D., Dundas S.R., Kruk D., Broche M.
(2020) Scientific Reports


3. Fast field-cycling magnetic resonance detection of intracellular ultra-small iron oxide particles in vitro: Proof-of-concept
Abbas H., Broche L.M., Ezdoglian A., Li D., Yuecel R., Ross P.J., Cheyne L., Wilson H.M., Lurie D.J., Dawson D.K.
(2020) Journal of Magnetic Resonance


4. In vivo assessment of tumour associated macrophages in murine melanoma obtained by low-field relaxometry in the presence of iron oxide particles
Baroni S., Ruggiero M.R., Bitonto V., Broche L.M., Lurie D.J., Aime S., Geninatti Crich S.
(2020) Biomaterials


5. Slow dynamics of solid proteins – Nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry versus dielectric spectroscopy
Kruk D., Masiewicz E., Wojciechowski M., Florek-Wojciechowska M., Broche L.M. and Lurie D.J.
(2020) Journal of Magnetic Resonance