Mid-Term Symposium

This one day symposium was held on Friday 16th March, 2018 at the Suttie Centre, Foresterhill, Aberdeen


Fast Field-Cycling MRI - A New Imaging Modality 



Professor David Lurie                                Overview of FFC-MRI and the IDentIFY Horizon 2020 project                                                                         
Dr Lionel Broche FFC-MRI: Technical challenges and solutions
Professor Silvio Aime FFC-MRI: What does the new information mean?
Professor Xavier Golay The Horizon 2020 GLINT Project: Promises and pitfalls in the translation of GlucoCEST into clinical practice: Early results from the GLINT Consortium
Professor Martin Plenio The H2020 HyperDiamond Project: Diamond quantum technologies for Hyperpolarised MRI
Professor Danuta Kruk The H2020 CONQUER project: Quadrupole enhanced relaxation: A concept for novel magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents
Professor Francois Berger FFC-MRI: Is this the technology breakthrough that patients and neuro-oncologists have been waiting for?

   Francois Berger

 Professor Francois Berger (Chair of Neoro-oncology and Director of INSERM Unit 1205 Grenoble, France

   Martin Plenio

 Professor Martin Plenio (Professor and Director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics University of Ulm, Germany